Watch Refurbishment and Servicing

We offer a watch refurbishment service for watches that are running well but look a little worn. We are able to polish high-end watches on site to remove scratches to the bracelet and have them looking like new. If you have an event or holiday coming up, and you'd like your watch looking in top condition, bring it in to us for refurbishment.

Watches are made up of many highly intricate parts, assembled together to form a complex movement. Over time these parts can wear, meaning the watch stops keeping good time or stops working altogether. It is at this point that the watch requires a service, though some manufacturers recommend having watches regularly serviced to keep them in the best possible condition.

Watch servicing is a skill in and of itself, and is not something we can do on the premises. Watches are taken to our specialist watch workshop where they are assessed in order to provide you with a quote to repair them. All watch servicing quotes are free, and there is no obligation to proceed once a quote has been given.

Batteries and straps

Our shops stock a range of leather watch straps of different widths and colours, should you wish to change yours. You are welcome to visit us to view our range and have the strap changed for you the same day, at no extra cost. We are also able to add or remove links from watch bracelets if they need adjusting.

We are also able to change watch batteries. On fashion watches, we can normally do this same day, but high-end watches or watches that require a pressure test and reseal may take longer. If you'd like to know if we could change your watch battery the same day, please get in touch.