Professional Valuations for Insurance, Probate and Post Loss Assessment

When an item is lost or stolen, it can be difficult explaining the piece to insurance companies or loss adjusters.

If a description is not accurate enough the insurance company might not pay out the true value of the item. To put your mind at ease, we offer a valuation service.

Not only are your articles assessed by highly qualified Registered Valuers, the insurance replacement document will have a full description of your treasured articles along with colour photographs. Please contact us for details.

The Process

This puts a replacement value on your items, in the event they are lost or stolen. For most items this is an amount a given item of similar quality and manufacture could reasonably be expected to be replaced at. The replacement value of designer goods is set by the company in question (or comparable if necessary). Please be aware policies can differ so check with your provider so see if your policy provides adequate cover for your needs.

These have to be carried out when someone has passed away to help work out the value of the estate. Because His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) need to know how much inheritance tax is payable on a person’s estate, the open market value of the jewellery of the deceased, on the date of their death, needs to be ascertained.

These are produced at the request of the insurance company in a situation where an up-to-date insurance valuation is missing. Along with client dialog, old supporting documents such as purchase receipts, repair receipts, valuations and photographs of the items being worn, we are able to give the insurance provider a perceived value for the items. Due to the delicate nature of this type of valuation, not all insurers will allow for this type of valuation to be carried out.

Another valuation type is called Division of Assets and is used in such times as a divorce.

An impressive document for your standard valuation will be produced including at least the following;

Covering letter/ Letter of Transmittal – This outlines the instructions from the client as to what the valuation sets out to do

Inventory – Full and comprehensive descriptions of the items in question

Photo Gallery – Clear photos cataloguing all items

Valuers Declaration – Showing full due diligence was used and accountability to the fact

Explanatory Notes – This section explains terms used in the inventory so it can be understood by all.

Insurer Notice – (valuation for insurance only)

Our head valuer is Mr Kenneth Massow FIRV 66091 FGA DGA. A prestigious figure within the valuing community, Mr Massow was there at the formation of the Institute of Registered Valuers. Along with the strict guidelines of the Institute and Mr Massow’s clinical, methodical approach, you can take comfort knowing that the document produced for you are held in the highest regard and will withstand courtroom cross-examination, should your situation require it.

At G Davison & Sons your professional valuation arrives in a smart thermal bound folder. We use the Guildpro system to help create the vast majority of our valuations. This gives us the ability to produce you a stunning valuation that you will have confidence in.

Due to the amount of work that goes into producing valuations, they are not carried out while you wait. In the normal course of business, we would expect to keep hold of the client’s jewellery for the duration of the valuation, with the time taken depending on the amount of research needed to be carried out, along with the number of items to be looked at.

If required, and to be pre-arranged in advance, an express service is possible. Please contact the shop directly to discuss this further.

When bringing your treasured items to us for a valuation, please be sure to bring any associated items along too. These can include original receipts and repair receipts, old valuations, diamond and gemstone reports and original boxes and accompanying paperwork. This is especially important for prestigious watches. We ask for these as it helps build a picture for the insurance provider of proof of ownership and full transparency by the client.